Group Fitness

Group Exercise Classes are a great way to be challenged, build comradery and have FUN while exerciseing.   VYGOR has a great schedule with some high quality instructors that just love to make you laugh and make you sweat!!  No need to sign up, just show up 5 minutes before scheduled time, grab your water bottle and towel and get ready to feel the burn for 60 minutes.   We offer 15-20 classes weekly in a variety of formats including, Cardio Pump, Flow, Pilates, ZUMBA, Power Pump and more!!!  If you have never taken a class before, please introduce yourself to the instructor prior to class and let them know, so they can help you integrate into the class seamlessly.

Check out the schedule, see what works and we’ll see you in the Group Exercise Room!!

If you can’t make to one of the “LIVE” classes, don’t fret!! Try one of the options on the Fitness On Request System… It’s ready whenever you are.  With over 45 classes to choose from and 24 Hour a day access, you’ll find it hard to find and excuse not to get your workout on.  VYGOR is the only club in Pennsylvania to offer this technological advancement in group exercise experience, so get a couple of friends together, come down to the club at midnight (or any other time there is not a “LIVE” class happening) and get a great workout with Fitness On Request!!

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